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The core team at CRC is professional, cohesive and collectively works together in all circumstances. CRC’s senior executives, partners, and directors have many years of international experience in the US Government for the Department of State, Defense Department, the intelligence community, and global marketing. CRC’s executive team’s credibility and trustworthiness are responsible for foreign government contracting opportunities to date in Africa and Central and Far East Asia. Senior CRC management is comprised of a seasoned team of experts with years of top-level experience in telecommunications and security on both the managerial and technical sides. Among this core team is an expert in the regulations and infrastructure of many foreign nations; a COO with extensive engineering, technical, and managerial background; a CEO with experience in corporate talent development and engagement, program management, business development and product development; a Senior Vice President and CoS responsible for the chief development of cybersecurity and operational requirements for project development and contractual agreements; a CIO who mentored and invested in many technology-enabled start-ups, and holds an undergraduate and graduate degree in engineering; and finally a CBDO Harvard alumni with over 30 years of corporate experience heading up business development for CRC.