The CRC vision is for a globally extensive, low-cost, high-speed multimedia broadband network in underserved areas of the world. CRC’s network will deliver voice, two-way video, and data content potentiating an economic development dynamic with e-learning, telemedicine, micro-finance, and electronic commerce while assisting local jurisdictions to deliver essential e-government services. Studies have demonstrated that 10 phones per 100 persons in developing markets add an astonishing 0.8 percent GDP growth per person. In addition, the fastest global growth in communications is accounted for by developing markets.

Core Competencies

• communication engineering (mosaic communicationuse
  of existing communication to include fiber optic,
  submarine cables and satellite. any and all of
  the above is used)
• network operation center based on cloud computing
• mesh networks
• end-user device (pad-pc - capable of voice,
  video and data) • beam-forming antenna (increased   coverage with minimal antennas)

Key Attributes

• Secure wireless broadband solutions
• Network installation costs at a fraction of currently   deployed technologies.
• Fastest implementation cycle.
• Experienced management team with global   communications and multimedia expertise.
• Localized value creation business model.
• Exclusive government partnerships.
• Best-in-class security solutions for identification and   anti-fraud risks.
• Multimedia Content delivery development path.
• An expanding global project pipeline in high growth   emerging economies.

Castle Rock Communication Area of Expertise

"We are proud of our work. Here are some of tools we used and projects we have experience in.***"

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CRC’s advanced wireless broadband technologies and support services solve the “digital divide” with the use of multi-tier mesh networks, an affordable end user device, and network operating centers. Taken together, they enable the delivery and receipt of telecommunications at gigabyte wireless speed with enhanced content security and oversight.

Multi-Tier Mesh Networks

CRC’s solution to the “Last Mile” challenge, particularly in rural areas, is a multi-tier mesh network. Mesh networks can send directional radio links in a beam from one node to another. Each node can transmit to several other nodes to form a mesh pattern.

Cloud Computing Network Operation Centers

CRC’s cloud computing network operation center is a futuristic architecture design that can be quickly deployed to any country around the world, with minimum power requirements and lower than average capital investment.

End User Device (PAD PC)

CRC will offer global consumers a world class end-user device that will accommodate the high speed network deployed by CRC. It incorporates currently used cellular wireless functionality and at the same time, it receives super gigabit 802.11ac via beam forming access.

Fast and Secure Extranets

CRC brokers connections among disparate users guaranteeing that each entity maintains control of its own applications, networks, and connection, and providing automatic reconciliation of LANs with conflicting and/or overlapping address schemes.

Simplified IP Networking

CRC technology uses logical names to identify participating members. Any member can find any other in real time despite dynamic changes to address, location, or physical network connection. Logical names allow IP address information to be transparent to customers and the end users.

Flexible Integration

Each AP allows applications to actively, automatically, and securely traverse environments or devices that inhibit ordinary IPSec (including NAT firewalls and routers, proxy servers, and IPSec blockers)

Centralized Management

All locations maintain a control channel with CRC’s centralized Network Control Point (NCP) for purposes of policy, performance, Authentication and Distribution management

Highest Levels of Security

CRC’s technology utilizes the most advanced data encryption and authentication technologies to provide a highly secure remote access infrastructure.

Directional Beam Forming

CRC’s Multi-tier architecture makes extensive use of proprietary beamforming technologies for communication to the intended targets.

Castle Rock Communications

Castle Rock Communications, LLC, is a Colorado, USA company established to deploy advanced communications technologies in emerging markets around the world. These technologies enable the delivery and receipt of content at the highest possible speeds. Specifically, CRC offers a unique set of core competencies:

CRC was formed to market, provision, build and operate secure broadband networks in emerging markets and under-served communities around the world. CRC has a very experienced management team and the rapid rollout and low installation cost of CRC’s technology means that revenues and profits are quickly realized.

CRC deploys advanced communications technologies (including declassified US Department of Defense technologies) in the wireless broadband, security and content services areas. These technologies enable the delivery of multi-megabyte wireless speeds with guaranteed content security and content management. The competitive advantages stemming from the technology are further enhanced by the expertise and experience of the management team, who as well as having unparalleled experience in communications technologies and access to new leading technologies, have access to the highest level of decision makers in the Company’s target markets.